The Long Haul.

Model Car Building

Here’s an update on the slow progress of my 1:8 Scale 1963 Briggs & Cunningham Jaguar E-Type Le Mans Racing Coupe model car. The big challenge with trying to replicate this historical car has been finding reference photos. And, I started the build before I really committed to modeling this particular car, so there has been some rework. Sometimes I’ve guessed on a particular detail only to find another photo online that shows I guessed wrong.

Here is the rear interior of the car. I had to reference some other cars of the era to figure out the fuel system.

I’m roughing out body contours and the sheet metal seems visible on the real car.

Front and rear subframe assemblies. I had to start over on the front clip because I painted it black instead of white.

And here’s another development: my wife got me a 3D printer for Christmas. So, I’m redoing the engine with more accurate components I can model and print now.

I’ll take more pics soon of some other parts of the model.


A Bigger Challenge

Model Car Building


My current model car build is a 1/8 scale Jaguar E-type race car based on the historical Briggs Cunningham 1963 Le Mans entry. The stock kit I’m using is the Revell Jaguar E-Type (XKE). Here is the racing fuel system I’ve scratch built, referencing the only photo I can find of that part of the car (the green on the model is photographing inaccurately). It’s from the Revs Institute/Museum in Naples, Florida.

This is a tricky build. Because the Jaguar is a monocoque construction, I’m going to have to paint the body with the car assembled, or paint the subassemblies separately and deal with seams after putting it together. Also, I’m changing the car from a lefty to a righty, so I’ve basically scratch built a new dashboard. I’ll show pictures of that later.

Here’s the engine so far:

I still need to add fuel lines and additional accelerator linkage.

Catching Up.

Model Car Building

Finally got the hobby stuff all set up in the basement of our new home in Atlanta, so worked resumed on my 1/12 scale ‘57 Chevy Gasser model car. I still have some more to do: door jam detail, parachute cords and cable, and touch-ups. Boy has there been a lot of touch-ups! Since I make things up as I go with only a general plan—and I’m old—I make a lot of goofs.


Body Work.

Model Car Building

Although frequently interrupted by guitar making, playing, and other projects, work on my Monogram 1/12 scale 57 Chevy Gasser continues. As usual, I continue to improvise around my sometimes poor planning and blunders. Ivory white body color is going on, soon to be rubbed down to expose lots of primer.

Spray Paint Booth.

Model Car Building, Music

Here’s my folding cardboard spray paint booth. Rolling table with a box fan on top is on the other side. I just open the garage door, turn on the fan and go to it. Shown is the front tilting bodywork for my 1/12 scale 57 Chevy gasser and two Telecaster bodies.

Homemade Amp Cabinet.


Here’s one of my latest projects: I built a speaker and amp head cabinet out of repurposed pine for my VHT Special 6 guitar amplifier. The speaker in the cabinet is a Celestion Greenback 25w. The finish is amber shellac, which is definitely not applied perfectly. Overall, I think it looks pretty cool and sounds warm and clear with just the right amount of breakup from the Greenback.