The Hardest Part.


Is sticking with it. I started this illustration months ago. I had decided not to use the layers in Procreate (for iPad) but render it like a real painting using a wet brush on one layer. But after I got all the color blocked in I hated it. Color and tonality was very different than this. Too bright with no dynamics or drama. Yet, I liked the general composition, so, I re-sketched some of it and started over. As you can see, I’m in love with Edward Hopper’s work.

Nuts and Bolts

Model Car Building

Here’s an update of my 1/12 scale Monogram 57 Belair Gasser build. I’ve primed the undercarriage with red oxide Plastikote, and thin top coated with semi-gloss black paint. I then lightly rubbed edges with fine steel wool to age. Faux bolt heads and nuts are sliced styrene hex rod. When glue is cured I’ll finish sanding  those and prime and paint them.