About Me

I’m an artist and musician living with my wife and two cats in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m working freelance now, after seventeen years in a corporate in-house Creative Department. In my spare time I’m always working on creative projects such as model car building, woodworking, fiddling with guitars as well as playing them, and some new things like 3D modeling and printing.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello

    I am french and would be interested by your Slot track layout.

    Would it be possible to have à sketch or the sequence of rails (straight, R130, etc…).

    Thank you un advance.

  2. Scott, I just purchased a Carrera track set. Growing up I had Duke of Hazzard track as a kid. I use to love that thing. It broke and unfortunately never got it replaced. Just never had money for it. Now that I’m an adult I had to get one to make great memories with my kids. I have limited space and been looking at lots of track layouts on the internet. It’s a little tiring and I thought I was never going to find what I really want. I finally seen your track and I’m so impressed. The lay out is exactly what I want and it’s the perfect size. The scenery blew my mind. I’m hoping to get my scenery even a little close to yours but for now I just need to start with the layout of the track. Would it be possible to have the sequence of rails (straight, R130, etc…)? Please! I love what you create. It’s some beautiful work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Roberto! Thanks for the compliments. I have the layout diagram I can get to you. It was created in a program specifically for Carrera track. I found the free software online years ago. I’ll get the diagram off my laptop tomorrow and post in on my blog.

  3. Scott, thank you so much I greatly appreciate it. I can’t wait to see it. Again all your work is awesome!

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