Graphic Stories

The Life and Adventures of Bob the Accountant
Tales of Bordoom – The Secret of the Pleasure Spheres
Tales of Boredom – The Rise of Sys
The Evolution of Design and Dalton Divine

These are my graphic stories from what I call the Fuzzy Wall Series. I’m still working out a good way for people to view the stories, limited as I am by’s structure.

This series began a few years ago as a simple exercise to get me drawing again. I had a bunch of this blank 4 x 6 white card stock and I decided to draw a caricature on one each day. I started pinning them up outside my cubicle to share them with those who passed by. After doing over a hundred of those I decided to challenge myself to create a cartoon, off the cuff, without much forethought of a story line, and do an installment everyday. I wouldn’t take more than ten to fifteen minutes or so to do each.

2 thoughts on “Graphic Stories

  1. This is great! I found myself rather disappointed when it ended. WHICH musical talent will the man find in GA? And Bob and Montanique…will they ever escape Orlando, BEFORE they are completely ruined by it? I must know! Keep it up 😉

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