Beautiful Rust.

Model Car Building

I’m making up my final exterior paint as I go. I had found this Tin Roof Rust craft acrylic paint color at Hobby Lobby and thought I’d give it a go without even testing it. I want a rusty color over the primer so that when I spray on and rub off a black top coat, this color, and maybe even some primer, will be revealed on ridges where weathering naturally occurs. We’ll see.

More Light, and Mistakes.

Model Car Building

Here’s the interior dome light I made for my 1/12 scale 57 Chevy model car. The lens is made from a slice of a lucite rod, shaped and polished. The fixture is a thin strip of styrene wrapped and glued to the edge of the lens. A styrene disk with a hollowed out area for the LED is glued to the back. The ring and back are covered with metal foil tape.

After carefully trimming the windshield, I dropped it and cracked it in half. So, I either had to buy another expensive kit for a new windshield, or make one. Using the original as a template, I cut out a piece of thin clear plastic, heated and curved the corners using a hairdryer. Not a bad replacement.