It’s the Details.

Model Car Building

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of my 1/8 scale Briggs & Cunningham Jaguar E-Type Le Mans Racing Coupe model interior and the actual car which is in a museum in Venice, Florida. Still a few things to add. Not happy with the steering wheel. I worked with the kit wheel by filling in the holes in the spokes, but I keep getting seams, and it cracked, and the spokes are too big. I’m debating about scratch building a new one.


Model Car Building

Here is the progress on the Lucas Fuel Injection Meter installation on the engine of my 1/8 scale 1963 Briggs & Cunningham Jaguar E-Type Le Mans Racing Coupe. Here are a couple reference photos to show you what I was aiming at.


Model Car Building

Here’s the Lucas Fuel Injection system I’ve been working on. As I mentioned in my last post, I started this model with a vague sense of the level of detail I would add toward modeling the 1963ish Briggs & Cunningham Jaguar E-Type Le Mans Racing Coupe. Well, I went all in! That meant re-work on the engine. So, here you see the 3D printed manifold, carbs, and trumpets installed, and the progress on the fuel meter. As you can see, there will be individual fuel lines going from the meter to the manifold.

The Long Haul.

Model Car Building

Here’s an update on the slow progress of my 1:8 Scale 1963 Briggs & Cunningham Jaguar E-Type Le Mans Racing Coupe model car. The big challenge with trying to replicate this historical car has been finding reference photos. And, I started the build before I really committed to modeling this particular car, so there has been some rework. Sometimes I’ve guessed on a particular detail only to find another photo online that shows I guessed wrong.

Here is the rear interior of the car. I had to reference some other cars of the era to figure out the fuel system.

I’m roughing out body contours and the sheet metal seems visible on the real car.

Front and rear subframe assemblies. I had to start over on the front clip because I painted it black instead of white.

And here’s another development: my wife got me a 3D printer for Christmas. So, I’m redoing the engine with more accurate components I can model and print now.

I’ll take more pics soon of some other parts of the model.